At Pembeni Africa, we have partnered up with Simba’s Footprints Foundation, a registered Tanzanian NGO (no. 07/NGO/08401) serving over 700 children in the Kilimanjaro Region.

We are particularly fond of Simba’s Footprints as they have a community led approach to development. We share a common belief in that locally led organisations are more sustainable because solutions are driven by members of the community that the organization is trying to serve.

A number of initiatives are successfully running at the organization to promote leadership skills and give youth employment opportunities to make them contributing members of the society. Just one of the ways that we like to contribute is by providing training and employment opportunities at the hotel for young women graduating from Simba’s.

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Simba's Footprints Foundation

First established as a children’s home in 2011 with a focus on sustainable family reunification. The foundation in 2017 evolved into Simbas Community Center.

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Simbas Footprints Foundation has a Community-Led Development approach to development and recognize that locally-led organizations are more sustainable if the solution is driven by the members of the community that the organization is trying to serve.

This is why in 2017 Simbas began shifting its leadership back to the local team. Now ideas for expansion, programming and solutions come from the ground with the full force and support of the board to provide resources, professional development, and funding to ensure the success of these programs.